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About Us

Eggs Direct is a family run business.  After a long career in travel I decided to give working for myself a go.  I was a business development manager, and I learnt that building relationships is the key to any good business.  At Eggs Direct I want to create a business that is all about establishing relationships and keeping them by supplying my customers with a premium quality product every time.  

About Our Eggs

At Eggs Direct we our proud of the quality of our Free Range and Grain fed (caged) eggs.
We distribute eggs throughout Melbourne Victoria (both retail and wholesale). We welcome and fulfill all types of order requests from dozen packets to boxes.
We have carefully sourced and selected the best poultry curator of eggs in local Victoria, with a proud 60 year history in poultry farming . With farms in 3 different locations , they are industry leading in the protection of animal welfare as well as having the highest work and safety standards. Our eggs are the best on the market.  Deep rich orange yolks bursting with flavour is the standard for our produce.  Our Free Range eggs met Australian Standards, as we have 8000 hens per hectare.  (Australian regulations require 10,000 hens per hectare.)
Our eggs are delivered to you in refrigerated vehicles and within 24 to 48 hours of your order, to maintain the freshest quality. Because of this, they have a shelf life of 5 to 6 weeks meaning you have received the eggs within 24 to 72 hours from being produced.
We service many different clients; residential, cafes, restaurants, bakeries, butchers, shops, schools, aged care facilities, hotels, supermarkets and many more.
We are open from Monday - Saturday 7am to 5pm (have a look at our "contact us" page to see where we are delivering and when!).  Sunday's we are closed. 
About Our Other Products
Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil:  Our Oil comes in 1litre bottles, 2 litre tins and 5 litre tins.  They are sourced from an olive farm in the cobram region.  Supporting Australian farmers is our aim and to bring the best of Australian Products to our customers.  You can't compare the smooth taste of this amazing oil. 
Edmonds Honey:  Edmonds honey comes in 500ml squeeze Bear Bottles, 1 litre Yellow Box Honey and 1 litre tub of Manuka Honey.  The amazing smooth and sweet taste of Edmonds Honey is a favourite amongst our customers
Billabong & Silvia Sauce: From the biggest Tomato farmers in Victoria Billabong Crushed Tomatoes brings amazing flavours to any meal.  Straight from the farm and to the plates of our Eggs Direct Customers.  Silvia Sauce is a ready made sauce, simply heat and serve and taste the amazing flavours of a great sauce from Australian products.
Questions and answers about our eggs!
1. What is the white swirl that i sometimes find in our eggs? 
  A. The white swirl in an egg is called a Chalazae, and you do not need to remove it! This part of the egg actually anchors the precious egg yolk in place in the egg white.     
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